First MacBook “virus”

newton-computer03.jpg Baptised Newton, in reference to the father of gravity, this virus won’t let you down. Once the USB device containing Newton is attached to a target MacBook, it upload itself to the computer and does it thing: once the target come back to his computer, gravity enters the computer and smash everything it can. (see video)
Spice up your colleagues’ day with our Newton Virus, the first virus to introduce gravity to your laptop, causing the desktop icons to fall down as if subject to the gravitational pull from the real world.
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Backpacker’s Diary PC concept: the book you won’t forget

bpd1.jpg Backpacker’s diary is an innovative PC concept where everything is under the form of a book. Switch to a page and you’ll have movie, then to another to get the news, yet you can still get access to a “conventional” computer.
Backpacker’s diary is a PC concept that integrate with the form of traditional book, the target user is the enthusiastic travelling fans. In this “book”, different pages include different functions, like media recording, solar recharging and EL illuminant. The approach of reading a book takes the traditional way of operating computer, which encourage those backpackers to experience and share more about their trips.
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Optical databus bust the Tbps speed

ibmunveilsag.jpg A new technology has found it’s way to transmit information through light instead of wires. This allows to transmit 8 terabits of data per second, which is the equivalent of around 5 000 high-definition movies, per second. So far, the biggest advantage of this technology is his power consumption, which is 100 times less than on wire. Although new technologies as such takes time to hit the market, this one as bigger chance to hit it pretty soon, as IBM researcher Clint Schow explain:
These aren’t theoretical experiments or chips sitting in unique conditions in a lab, but rather chipsets that could hit the market in the next two years. The innovation lies in the fact that we are making optics with the same kind of packaging as electronics.

Fan that runs off heat

msiairpowerfan2.jpg MSI as recently developed a working concept of a fan which runs from the heat produced by the processor. It is based of Stirling Engine Theory which works almost like a car engine would. This new “green” technology should be able to reduce the consumption of your computer electricity, but not by much since fans are a small part of the actual electrical consumption. But reducing little by little is better than nothing, isn’t it? Continue reading ‘Fan that runs off heat’

The Next Generation of the Tree House?


The childhood fascination of sitting, climbing, and even living among the trees has clearly not been laid to rest for some! It turns out that around the world there are many examples of modern, well-designed, and luxurious tree houses.

The houses range from simple, do-it-yourself constructions to sophisticated, expensive "tree mansions." Some of them are the traditional block-like structures that we remember from our youth, while some take the form of a sphere. Several manufacturers specialize in these designs, including Baumraum, Free Spirit Spheres, and Lukasz Kos.

Rope ladder? Maybe. 360-degree panoramic view? Often! Sometimes, the intention of the tree house is to live in harmony with the environment. Sometimes, it’s a tradition that has been carried on within ethnic groups for centuries. And sometimes, it’s just for spunk.

But no matter the purpose, all of these creative houses are architecturally inspiring…and go to show that childhood fascinations can sometimes turn into economically viable adult pastimes!

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