Monthly Archive for November, 2005

18 Tricks to Teach Your Body

Soothe a burn, cure a toothache, clear a stuffed nose…

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CD paper case

No jewel case left, but a ton of cd without protection? Don’t want to buy addition cases? Why don’t you make your own using A 8.5 by 11 paper to make your own cd paper case. Go to and enter:
1) Artist name
2) CD Name
3) Tracks name (up to 16)


and print it, fold it, then use it to protect your cd. Have fun!

Firefox 1.5 released! EDIT: RC3 released

FireFoxMozilla has finally released is Firefox 1.5, a really expected release. The new fixes and updates are really good, especially the pop-up windows and the fixed css.


Edit: Oh well, since I got auto-updated with the mention of 1.5, I thought it was final, but it seems that they only released the RC3, that must be what I’ve got. Nice upgrade though.

Solid state Helium

With some time on my hands and a bit of my chemistry course in my mind, I decided I’d look for the atom which has the lowest Kelvin degree to turn into solid state. I found out that the helium is the atom which needs the lowest temperature to turn into a solid. It would need to be frozen to a temperature almost near the zero absolute, which is 0K. The helium "should" turn into a solid phase at 0.95K which is an extremely low temperature hard to achieve. Liquid 3He and 4He can transform into solid phases called "quantum crystal", with the aid of pressure of about 30 atmospheres.

Computer electronic projects

Computer the LCD backlight quick fix Printer the anti-printer – uncut version Light bulb a plethora of projector panels Home theater a practical guide to the DIY home theater RAID the poor man’s raid array LCD Windows the LCD window kit mod G3 to P4 mac G3 to P4 conversion Here are the projects you’ll be able to accomplish by visiting the website. Have some fun 🙂