Monthly Archive for December, 2005

Change your K2 header color via the K2 Options Panel

This small modification should allow anyone to modify his template header background-color via the K2 Options Panel. Don’t forget to use the RGB code WITHOUT the # before the color code.
functions.php Don’t forget to rename.

“Setup has detected that another program requires the computer to reboot.”

Finally found the fix to this annoying bug when trying to install Visual Studio 2003. Thanks to
Instead of renaming the PendingFileRenameOperations registry entry, I simply deleted it, since I had already rebooted several times and whatever program was supposed to clean up the entry obviously was not going to do it.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

First semester completed

I finally received my grade for the semester and they are great. I wish to all of you to get the best grade you could have and maybe we’ll see next semester. And before I forget once again, I wish you all to have a good time with your family and friends.

30 000 pages views!

Only twelve days after the 20 000 pages views breakthrough, we have already accumulated 10 000 more pages views. In the last days I’ve been “busy” working out on the second version of my DJ portfolio website at I’m currently learning the Smarty template engine and using for AJAX animation. I’m also thinking about changing the subjects of this blog to scripts related. I’d like to program some plugins for WordPress and make templates when I’ll have enough experience. Meanwhile, have fun browsing the lastest news here.

PHP + CSS Text Replacement followup

Since I have finished my semester, I thought I “restart” programming a bit. Here’s a small contribution to the script. This is a separate script that would run in conjunction with image.php and gives you the ability to split the words to make single letters, which makes long texts to images possibles. Beware of bandwidth cost though, they are MASSIVE! This might be ressource hungry, I’d recommand having cache on so it can cache each letters. You can use the function image(); to translate your text into images. If you have any problems, drop a comment with the problem you’re experiencing.
Source: Text to image Version 1.0.1 Alpha
This is a simple script using text to image script. This script breaks words apart so each letters can be printed invidually and if the image is not shown, you’ll see the text instead (composed by each letters the image was suppose to show. Usage: INSERT at the beginning of your page in a PHP section // Call the texttoimage script include(“text.php”); TO USE: call the function image() with the text as a parameter. ex. image(“I want some coffea”); Version 1.0 Alpha + Variable text to make a 1 call include(text.php?text=your text here); 1.0.1 + Using preg_split instead of str_split for PHP 4.0 compatibility
To do list:
  1. Make each letter a different color