PHP + CSS Text Replacement

I’ve recently found the script that allows you to use your own font to write headers (like my articles headers) and is then converted into an image using GD and PHP power. It’s pretty good if you want to use special fonts that no one has on his computer. I’d only suggest you a small fix (if it’s not working fine the first time):
//Define the GD environment variable putenv('GDFONTPATH=' . realpath('.'));
In image.php, you should put this right after
Additional documentation on PHP’s image handling capabilities can be found at */
Really useful for someone who’s trying to get the script to run but it simply won’t (it gives a “Error: The server could not create this heading image.” message if you don’t have this putenv line) The only thing I’m looking up to is to make the possibility to use + without using the %2B because it mess up my titles 🙁
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