Monthly Archive for January, 2006

Nanotubes show their strenght in numbers

Researchers have been able to produce up to 7 meters of nanotube sheets per minutes, which is fairly close to the rate of commercial wool spinning. Future applications could be really interesting. Go to the article:

Looking for a MSN LIVE! invite?

I got one for the 26th 2nd person to post a comment, each comment done by the same poster twice will be removed, posts most be more than 25 words long (to be worthy). EDIT: I’m so happy someone has time to post insults here 😉

Credit card stolen?

Credit card stolen? Yes, I’m getting image junky.

Some electronic fun

Electronic at his best!

FlyakiteOSX – Your Mac OS X skin

This is the third release of the very popular Windows XP to Mac OS X transformation pack. It is to be released at 12:00 PM today (chicago time, 13:00 montreal). The new version includes hundreds of new file replacements, new add-on software, updates of older software, and far more in-depth transformation of Windows to a Mac-like interface.