Monthly Archive for March, 2006

High-tech rims allow you to pimp your car

In the last few days you may have read about some high-tech rims called Pimpstar. They’re available from CustomWheel and they’re unlike any rims we’ve seen before. Using built-in color LED lights, they can display any digital image on the wheels. Of course, none of this is too interesting unless you can see it in action. Luckily, we have a video after the jump…

Get windows running at blazing speed!

Yet, you’ll have to get a good computer with most recent upgrades. You can take a look at newegg, product is being sold $164.99.

Automated guitar tuning

Guitar amature? You have trouble getting your guitar tuned correctly even with tuners? Here’s the next generation tool that will help you out. It’s an automated system which tune your guitar using this new system
Imagine a guitar that tunes itself automatically, exactly how you want, whenever you want in seconds, in fact less than 2 seconds!
Main website Video example

Make me king

Like to see life at it extremes? Make me king is the website your looking for. Containing a large list of DARES filmed so that you can see them in action, you’ll be wondering what those people have taken before taking the shot. Sauce Down Pants to Drink Coke With Nose without forgetting Staple Hand, you’ll have hours of sufferance just for you! Don’t miss this opportunity. Make me king

Powers of Ten

Explore the world using the meter unit and see what is connected to a certain size. 10^14