My personal view of the best statistic system

  • Good graphical interface
  • Easy use of templates
  • Easy to modify localization
  • Tons of informations
    1. Uniques > Country > Page viewed > Amount of time spent viewing > Bandwidth spent
    2. Page views
    3. Referee
    4. Popular pages > Bandwidth spent
    5. Time of the day
    6. Keywords
    7. Bots
    8. In and Out
    9. Check for regular users (through cookies)
  • Statistics for a certain period of time
    1. Hours
    2. Days
    3. Months
    4. Semesters
    5. Years
  • Each links on a page are being rewritten to contain the “Out” function
  • A complete path of each user navigation throught the site
  • Use of AJAX to load each statistics and to periodically update itself live
  • Send statistics to email
  • Even though it still lacks of major features, I’m looking for propositions. I really want this statistic script to be the best out there.
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