Be different

Most people these days only want to be like everyone else. They don’t want to be any different because they want to avoid rejection and need to be accepted. This behavior is understandable, though I’d rather suggest not doing so.
The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice… it’s conformity
As you can understand, being like everyone else is somehow a proof of your impossibility to show any courage, which is one of the most sought quality. Being able to show courage will make you different from everyone else and will show everyone else that you are worthy. Q: If you walk in the street, what are you most likely to look at? R: Things that attract your attention. Mostly things that are differents from what you generally see. Q: You want people to look at you? R: If your answer is yes, then BE DIFFERENT! Being different is not something bad. You shouldn’t think it is. When you hide your trueself, you are actually lying to the rest of the world. Be eager to share your personality, people don’t want to be with people that want to be socially accepted. Fear not what others might say to you because of your personality because it is generally a proof they want to do the same but have to much fear to do it and they “secretly” admire you for that. Be sure to evolve, learn the qualities that are most seeked but yet not demonstrated enough. Take responsably, stop giving power to others. By doing so, you’ll grow from your experience, but if you keep droping the hot patato into someone else’s hand, the job will never get done.
The forces of the status quo—of conformity—have been strong again recently. Maybe that’s why there seems to be an upsurge in interest in self-development. When the outside world is intent on forcing you into a bland, acceptable mold, people naturally turn elsewhere to find an outlet for what matters most: their own uniqueness. There will never be anyone else like you in the future of the universe. There has never been anyone exactly like you since human life began. That’s why being yourself is more important than anything else; certainly more than the fear that traps people into conforming. Even the Bible says it. Jesus urged his followers to be like salt; to spice up the world with new ideas. He didn’t tell them to keep their heads down and do whatever their “betters” amongst the Romans and the Pharisees told them. You don’t start a new religion by fitting in. Today’s religious leaders are nearly all arch-conservatives, so we forget what radical non-conformists and agents for change people like the Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were during their lives. Jesus wasn’t put to death for doing what the leaders of the society of his day approved of, was he?
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