School experiment

Being in my chemistry course sooner this day, I realised something really weird which then made sense to me. I was looking at the board while the teacher was teaching when it came. I didn’t really enjoyed taking notes. I would have been fine just looking at the board and understanding what is was teaching us, but taking note at the same time didn’t helped. So I’ve just thought about what if I was just there listening, not taking notes of any sorts. I would only be doing exercices given on the board.

Then, I would take notes from a fellow and use them as references for later use just in case I don’t remember what we learned.

If you want to learn at your full potential, you must have an interest in what you learn. At the same time, you must enjoy how it is taught to you. There are many parameters which needs to be filled in order to make sure you’ll have full retention over the subject your are learning.

Here’s what I would suggest: You’d go to your course and take no notes at all. All you do is exercices when asked for.
If teacher could support this method, teacher would give the resume of the course at the beginning with notes you would have generally taken during the course.

Removing note taking stress out of your learning curve is a really great improvement. But be sure you have notes to back you up just in case. You never know when you might have a blank.
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