Growing Glowing Nanowires

Glowing NanoWire Nanotechnology is getting closer to reality. Scientists have now developed nanowires which are able to emit light like lightbulbs. Don’t think those nanowire light like lightbulbs though, they emit light roughly 100 nm in diameter. Those wires have a diameter varying from 30 to 500 nanometers and can be 12 micrometers long. Using a laser or electric current to excite this nanocomponent will make it emit an intese glow which can ultraviolet or visible light.
The nano world is getting brighter. Nanowires made of semiconductor materials are being used to make prototype lasers and light-emitting diodes with emission apertures roughly 100 nm in diameter–about 50 times narrower than conventional counterparts. Nanolight sources may have many applications, including “lab on a chip” devices for identifying chemicals and biological agents, scanning-probe microscope tips for imaging objects smaller than is currently possible, or ultra-precise tools for laser surgery and electronics manufacturing.
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