An Android in Your Pocket


With the shear volume of cell phone manufacturers and wireless telephone service providers, the market is becoming very fragmented. It’s a little like the days of the railroads before everybody decided on a specific track gauge to use.

The problem? Most cell phone components use proprietary software that will not work with components and services from other brands. You’re probably familiar with this if you’ve switched cell networks and been told that you had to purchase a new phone (or else come up with a dubious way to "unlock" your old one).

Google’s Android technology is meant to solve this issue by providing a general framework for cell phone devices that is easy to modify for specific components. The best part? It’s an open development platform, allowing software designers much more freedom in the applications they offer.

The new Android prototype premiered at the SGMA’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So far, there is no word on when the technology will reach the consumer market.

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