The Next-Gen iPhone


Get ready for another reason to buy an iPhone. A new version of the popular phone/music player/web browsing device will be released in the next year. This one will be compatible with third-generation (3G) wireless broadband service.

The lack of support for 3G broadband has been a major critique of the iPhone. Steve Jobs claimed last fall that Apple had not yet developed a 3G compatible iPhone with a reasonable battery life. These issues appear to be clearing up, however, and a new edition will likely be released within the year.

Coordinating with the newest iPhone is the expansion of AT&T’s 3G wireless network. AT&T plans to add 80 cities to its 3G network, upgrading these locations from its slower ATT&T Edge wireless network. Download times for the 3G network are about three times faster than those on the ATT&T Edge network.

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