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30 000 pages views!

Only twelve days after the 20 000 pages views breakthrough, we have already accumulated 10 000 more pages views. In the last days I’ve been “busy” working out on the second version of my DJ portfolio website at I’m currently learning the Smarty template engine and using for AJAX animation. I’m also thinking about changing the subjects of this blog to scripts related. I’d like to program some plugins for WordPress and make templates when I’ll have enough experience. Meanwhile, have fun browsing the lastest news here.

20 000 pages views!

Almost 2 months after the 10 000 pages views breakthrought, Ma Chienne de vie ( has already received his additional 10 000 pages views. I’ve just began to post more often since my semester is almost over and I have a lot to talk about. I’ve also changed my approach a bit. I was before used to post digg interesting articles but they aren’t that good anymore so I’ve started to write them up myself. There are many interesting things in science that can be explained and since I don’t have a big expertise (well, 4 poor years so far) what you’ll get should be comprehensible for almost anyone who had at least one year of chemistry :).

Hack your way to get a free without downloading flock

What is required: User Agent Switcher Extension – Firefox extension – The link to the registration page – First, download and install the User Agent Switcher Extension. Then go Tools – User Agent Switcher – Options – Options. In the new window, click Add and enter Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.8b5) Gecko/20051019 Flock/0.4 Firefox/1.0+ as your user agent. Go to the website and register! Have fun and blog (don’t forget to link back here if you post this).

10 000 pages views!

After only two months online, Ma chienne de vie ( have already achieved the ten thousand pages views! I hope more people will know this site and maybe bookmark it for their daily tech-news information source. As you might have noticed, there wasn’t a lot of updates this month since the new technology wasn’t really what I would call “exciting”. I guess there will be more high quality stuff next month otherwise I’ll have to start providing some 😉 While you’re reading this, if you are a WordPress user like me, I’d like to point you to an amazing plugin, the Tiger Administration, which changes the “flat” layout of wordpress into a sexy design, which is more convivial and less BIG.

Quelques “blagues” d’ordi

Fuck it Factory settings Prompt Oh shit Kill assistant Suzie assistant Suicide Chien Source: Computer enhancers