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The Next Generation of Google Searching


One word best describes the Google search engine interface: simplicity. The search screen contains little else besides the logo, the search bar, and a few links. The results list is plain and to-the-point. This concept may be one of the reasons so many people find it easy to use.

But it’s also in need of an upgrade. While Google’s search algorithms are in a state of continual refinement, the user interface hasn’t changed much over the years. They’re working on this, and big changes are near. And they want your help.

Google is now offering its experimental search page, where users can try out one of five different interfaces to the search engine. Options include a timeline of results, keyboard shortcuts, suggested alternative keywords, and a new right- or left-hand navigation box.

Don’t get too carried away — you can only try out one of these options at once. But once you choose an experimental option, that choice will be displayed every time you perform a Google search.

To have your say in the upgrade of the world’s favorite search engine, go to the Google experimental search page. Also read more at ars tecnica.

Howstuffworks video series

If you’re one of those who like to know how everything works and you’ve been on many times, this will get you even happier. We’ve just found a serie of videos made by HowStuffWorks team which reveal the secret of over 25 differents machines and processes. Simply go to to check all the videos. Continue reading ‘Howstuffworks video series’

My marketing experiment

Being a total newbie in this field, I thought it would be a great challenge for me to test my learning skills in a new domain. Having interest in money, I just jumped right into one of the most known career related to money, other than business man: marketing. This is my experiment: I will try to get a website I’ll have made be #1 in Google using a keyword that is used really often. Words like science or technology. Something that is being search a lot and that is already being marketed “enough”. Let see if it’s possible to move those “experts in the field”… Results shall be given in approximately 1-6 months depending on the success. The sooner, the better.

K2 Optimized

Since I began my journey to SEO, I’ve learned many things such as keyword optimisation, use of

tags and much more. One important aspect of SEO is having optimized page, and since I’m trying to promote my blog, I had to look at this point. With a quick test, I realised that K2 template wasn’t optimized to give a fast result, giving many spaces between codes which makes the file size bigger. Let’s take this for example: I went to my Be different post, saved the page using the save as option included in any browser. I opened the page using notepad and looked for empty spaces. File size at the beginning (no edit): 20.05 KB File size after empty space removal (edit) : 19.85 KB File size after Google Anaylitics removal (edit) 19.63 KB This is 0.30 KB, not big but makes a difference for slow bandwidth users. Also, take into consideration I started with a 20.05 KB page. 0.30 KB over 20.05 equals 1.5% of “used bandwidth for code”. Make that go on a 500 KB page and you get 7.5 KB. I know that’s small gain, but it’s only one step closer to a smaller file size. I want my pages to load in less than 2 seconds. Then I checked at the content in my folder related to this internet file. I had Google Analytics in my source code so I could get statistics about the users, but the file is 17.6 KB. I decided to remove this part of my code since Google Analytics wasn’t providing me the kind of statistics I was looking for (even though they are good, but I want public stats). So far, I’ve been able to save 17.9 KB from only two modification (one that you might not be able to do though). [NOTE] Not to my surprise, by removing both LiveSearch and AJAX comments in the K2 option panel, my speed improved greatly. LiveSearch wasn’t that important but AJAX commenting was a nice feature, but not worth the speed improvement I get from removing it. I also started using CSS Compress. Can’t really tell how much it is efficent though.

Amazing Google Video – “Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment”

This experiment shows the really mysterious behavior of quantam particles. Electrons behaving like waves and then like marbles? Mind blowingly cool.

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