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Procrastination Hack: “(10+2)*5”

A great system for tricking your mind into actually working. Great for all the bored cubicle workers out there.
I’ll be testing this technique for about a week and I’ll give you my result.

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Recharge Standard Alkaline Batteries!!!

You thought it was impossible to recharge an alkaline battery because it was written? Then check this out, you might want to keep your batteries after this.


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Scrolling LED Belt Buckle & Scrolling LED Badge

Do you have something intelligent to say? Feel the need to put it on your belt buckle? Well even if you don’t this product is still quite nifty.
LED belt buckle
While you’re checking that, don’t forget to check out the “Scrolling LED Badge” too.
Scrolling LED Badge

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Humans will eventually evolve into powerful, immortal, Borg-like beings

Inventor/Author Ray Kurzweil speaks in San Francisco about his 652-page book that predicts humans will eventually use their mastery of computers, software, gene-splicing techniques and nanotechnology to evolve into powerful, immortal, Borg-like beings.

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Digg: No comment fixing?

I’ve seen too much people writing double post because they had to fix their other post. Why can’t we fix our post on digg? There is something with the “politics” or what? Could the programmers just allow us to modify our post for the 5 next minutes we posted it and also allow us to delete our comments “IF” possible? EDIT: After some digg users comments reading, here’s some more: 1. Comment preview 2. Direct response to a comment left by someone else (like quoting) EDIT2: Some user thought about having the original message also been shown just in case. We could impliment this by asking the person who’s editing his post if it’s because of a mispelling error or he’s changing his mind, so if it was a spelling error, it would not show the original message with an error in it. EDIT3: Again, after some more reading, it seems that “we” (the community) wants to be ALSO able to edit our stories even though we proof read it.