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Bluetooth Technology Helps Injured Vets


Bluetooth is usually associated with cell phones and laptop computers. But the short range wireless communication provided by Bluetooth technology has been successfully used in another arena: making better prosthetic limbs.

Two injured veterans who underwent double leg amputations above the knee have benefited from the new type of artificial legs. Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill and Army Lt.Col. Gregory Gadson now use the prosthetics fitted with Bluetooth to achieve a greater range of walking motion and better endurance.

The Bluetooth devices, located in each ankle, communicate to coordinate motion between the legs. The system responds to muscle movements in the thigh and works to create a smooth motion with good balance.

Right now, the patients are able to walk on their prosthetic limbs using canes to aid their balance. Doctors hope that this technology will eventually allow double amputees to walk even without a cane.