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Should I Buy An Air? Pros and Cons of the New MacBook

Mac Book Air The introduction of the new ultra-thin MacBook Air at the Macworld convention is the talk of every town. Some people are thrilled. Some people are disgusted. Like any computer, this new edition has features that will work fantastically for some and will be a big hindrance for others. Here, we take a case-by-case look at whether the Air is right for you.


A plus: It’s small and light enough that your kids can use it. A minus: At a selling price of $1799, maybe you don’t want your kids to handle it. This computer also assumes that you have fully upgraded to the digital age. If you still want to play or rip music CD’s using your computer or do not have wireless at home, you will have to buy expensive accessories.
Bottom line: This should not be your only at-home computer.

Work-from-home professional

The portability and 5-hour battery life of this MacBook mean that you can take it with you just about anywhere you care to work. You probably work almost exclusively wirelessly already, eliminating needs for interfaces with Ethernet and firewire. The Intel dual processor, 2GB memory, and 80GB hard drive should be enough for most of your business needs.
Bottom line: The Air was designed with you in mind.

College student

If there’s one thing students are sick of, it’s lugging around heavy objects. The thin Air can be easily slipped between books in a backpack, making it easy to bring your MacBook with you for notetaking in class, easy-access research, etc. College campuses usually have fast, easy-to-access wireless technology. You probably don’t need the memory and processing power, unless you experiment with digital music production. In addition, the new movie rental service might completely eliminate the need for a TV in your dorm room.
Bottom line: If you have enough student loan money left over, invest in an Air.

Traveling businessperson

Finally, a laptop that you can use throughout a cross-country flight without running out of battery. The portability, size, and processing power are also nice. Wireless will be available most places you work, and you could invest in the Ethernet adapter if you are worried about being able to connect from your hotel room.
Bottom line: A sleek, useful traveling tool.