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Working Out the Wii Way


It used to be that video games were for couch potatoes.

Then the Nintendo Wii came along. The Wii moved video gaming up a level in terms of physical action, using a wireless controller to simulate actions like throwing, punching, or swinging an object.

The first time you tried playing Wii Sports, you might have noticed that you were a little out of breath. You were having so much fun playing tennis, bowling, baseball, or boxing that you didn’t even notice you were working out!

Now, Nintendo has chosen to emphasize the physical benefits of Wii gaming by introducing the Wii Fit system. This system uses a small, flat box (the Balance Board) that senses your weight distribution and motions and wirelessly sends the information to the gaming box. While you perform exercises such as aerobics, dancing, and balancing, the Wii makes measurements and gives you feedback.

The bad news? Wii Fit is not yet available to American gamers. It has been a huge success in Japan, and Nintendo intends to release it in the U.S. this year.