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Yet Another Music Format: On Your Wrist!


It used to be vinyl. Then it was audiotapes and CD’s, and later, MP3’s. (Wait! Did I forget the 8-track?)

Music formats are eternally changing. It seems that music distribution today is a battle between the consumer (who doesn’t want DRM to interfere with their music listening) and the record company (forced to take drastic measures to combat illegal piracy).

The newest innovation may satisfy everybody. Many bands are releasing albums on a small USB stick embedded into a trendy bracelet. This combines actual merchandise with digital access — the music can be played on any USB-enabled music player or downloaded to a computer.

The new format is attracting all kinds of artists, from big names like Erykah Badu and Ringo Starr to local, indie acts. Music fans like it because the format is flexible and free of digital rights management restrictions.

Unfortunately, the technology is still expensive. It’s offered now mainly as a collector’s item. But as USB and Flash technology become cheaper, this could become the new favorite way to buy music.

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